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Land Use

AScIS delivers a wealth of experience and services in a variety of Land Use focus areas including NEPA documentation and compliance, real estate planning, forestry and stormwater control. Our approach to NEPA documentation focuses on assisting our clients in the decision-making process by providing the information and support needed to make effective decisions.

We use available information to select, analyze, and screen alternatives to determine potential impacts, whether beneficial or negative, and develop strategies to offset any such impacts.

With regards to real estate planning, AScIS provides general and public affairs support for the Ft. Polk Land Purchase Program. AScIS supports the coordination of the multiple internal stakeholders supporting the acquisition of property by the Army to expand training areas.

Our expertise in natural resources and water resources management includes the protection of drinking water supplies and aquatic life, watershed sanitary surveys and Best Management Practices (BMP) studies, design and monitoring programs, development of QA/QC assurance plans, environmental database management, forest and recreational management plans, expert testimony and regulatory analysis. We also provide technical and field assistance necessary to carry out storm water control applications, as well as, restoring and maintaining stormwater infrastructure and management facilities. With vast stormwater management experience and full construction capabilities, we help clients of stormwater management facilities plan for and minimize maintenance and repair expenses.

Brief overview of some of our projects:

NEPA Support for the Combat Aviation Brigade Stationing Programmatic Environmental Impact Statement, Fort Lewis and Fort Carson

AScIS provides document and technical editing of the government analysis, printing, comment organization, and document distribution of draft and final Environmental Impact Statements. More

Reforestation Support, Ft. Bragg, NC

AScIS provides site preparation by aerial application of approved Forest Herbicides and planting containerized longleaf pine seedlings. More




Aerial Photography, Ground Control Surveys and GIS Services, Florida Air National Guard (FANG)

AScIS provides professional services to establish its foundation GIS digital base map layers that meet the client’s requirements and functionality. More













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GSA Schedule 899 # GS-10-F-0169W

SeaPort-e 8(a) Prime Vendor (Contract #N00178-09-D-5669)